Why, Why, Why

Hooray you’ve come this far! You’ve started the journey but you may well be asking some of these questions:

  • Why is nutrition relevant to my business?
  • Why do you care what your employees eat?
  • Why do you think you can influence the health and wellbeing of your employees?

If you’re a UK business it’s likely that your productivity is significantly lower than your German counterpart. If you employ people that eat, then nutrition is relevant to your business!

You probably don’t really worry about what your workforce carries in their lunch box, but if your reading this you probably care about what you eat and are looking to improve your business.

Productivity, Absenteeism, Performance can all be influenced by fuelling our brains and bodies with the correct foods so that we can work at our optimum. If you want logical decision making, effective problem solving and people that create the winning formula then corporate nutrition could be the answer.

Business Leaders have a responsibility to maximise performance and are in a unique position to be able to influence the health, and wellbeing of their employees. 

What steps can I take as a leader?

Collective motivation:

Why go on a team building away day when you can get that team spirit every day! Why are diet clubs so popular? Perhaps one reason is the encouragement and support given by the group. If a healthy eating culture can be developed in your office your workforce can unite behind this common aim. Leading to a stronger business team that have improved their health along the way.

Strong and effective Leadership:

  • Ensuring managers understand how an effective corporate nutrition strategy can both benefit the bottom line, and make management of their team more successful and hopefully more enjoyable!
  • Managers or team leaders should support healthy lifestyles e.g. being flexible with time and facilities to prepare, store and eat food. Larger companies could ensure healthy options are written into the catering contracts. Gut Reaction would be happy to help with this.
  • Changing the ‘cake culture’, the office is often made up of the sugar pushers caffeine junkies or the birthday bakers but why not support some healthy cultural changes that are less likely to inhibit brain power, and lead to a more effective afternoon. Everyone has a birthday and that’s a lot of lost afternoons even if Dave from accounts ‘doesn’t do birthdays’! (Remember your office colleagues will thank you when they meet their weekly weight goal!)

By creating a happier, healthier workplace you can help people better manage the stresses of day-to day working life, improve performance in their jobs and become more committed and motivated. Try it. Help your business by helping your people to look after themselves.

Once you’ve had time to digest these ideas you might fancy finding out more. Gut Reaction would love to identify any areas for improvement in your business and can ensure the correct ingredients for improving your business performance.