Why wellbeing matters

It is widely recognised that the gut is the body’s second ‘brain’ and that the effects of our daily food intake have a dramatic effect on mood, ability to concentrate and creativity. 

At Gut Reaction, we believe that good nutrition is at the core of personal well-being, and that by taking a few straightforward steps to encourage and support your people to adopt healthier eating habits you will reap the benefit. 

By creating a happier, healthier workplace you can help people better manage the stresses of day-to day working life,  improve performance in their jobs and become more committed and motivated. 

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The 3 ‘r’s : recruitment, retention, reputation 

By championing well-being in the work place, you will be joining the elite of firms recognised as great places to work. 

And if people are feeling good about their work, they are more likely to help you by working towards common goals. 

And your business can be a force for good.  By changing the food environment in your workplace, you will be setting the pace of change in our society which faces massive health issues, largely as a result of lifestyle choices. 

What is your gut telling you?

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