Sarah Grant, director

“I spent ten years working in online marketing both in house and in agency and loved my work at the time. However, when a stressful job combined with personal and family issues, things started to take their toll on my health.

That's when I got really interested in nutrition and realised the impact that diet could make to my well-being. Today, I am more energised and stronger in my mind and body than I have ever been.

Most of us spend the largest part of our lives at work, and for many it feels like our working lives are in complete opposition to a healthy lifestyle - which becomes something we try to salvage once the working day is over.

This is changing a more and more people recognise the impact of poor nutrition on our mental and physical performance and I believe that responsible employers will increasingly play a key role in helping to spread the message.”

Read about Sarah's one-to-one nutritional consultancy here >

Kirstina Curtis, health psychologist (PhD)

"My specialism is health behaviour change, and I work closely with our nutritional therapists to incorporate cutting edge behavioural science components into our delivery mechanisms.

This helps ensure that employees are sufficiently motivated and engaged to make lasting changes to their eating habits and lifestyles - that go beyond the workplace."

Natalie Tappy, nutritional therapist

“I know at first-hand how much our day to day food choices can undermine well-being in the long run. After struggling with a period of chronic ill health, I luckily found a solution that actually made a difference and now have real a passion for all things related to health and nutrition.

Nutritional therapy gave me my life back and now I want to help others achieve their goals. 

Often, busy people just don't have the time or the motivation to figure out how to eat to optimise their well-being. Working with organisations and businesses gives me an opportunity to reach those people and to change lives.”